Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 41st Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Nephrology (KSN 2021) which will be held at the Swiss Grand Hotel, Seoul, Korea from September 2 (Thu) to 5 (Sun), 2021.

We organized last year’s KSN 2020 virtually due to COVID-19. It was a big challenge, but we nevertheless were able to host the fully virtual meeting successfully thanks to the enthusiastic support and participation of all the members of KSN as well as colleagues from home and abroad.

We believe that the global situation will be better in 2021. However, we are afraid that travel may continue to be difficult. KSN 2021 also will be held as a fully virtual meeting. With the experience gained in 2020, we are confident that KSN 2021 will be even more informative with, of course, top priority continuing to be given to the health and safety of our participants.

KSN 2021 is the 6th international meeting since 2016, when the KSN expanded its national scientific meeting to an international meeting. Every year, more than 2,500 kidney professionals attend the annual meeting with some 150 experts from all over the world delivering the latest findings and engaging in high-quality discussions.

Under the theme “New journey of KSN to the world,” KSN 2021 will cover a wide range of hot topics including Future Medicine, Big Data, and COVID-19 as well as the most recent updates in various fields of nephrology. We will also invite key opinion leaders in the global nephrology community, and organize joint symposia with related societies.

We firmly believe that KSN 2021 will be invaluable in deepening your knowledge and broadening your global network, and cordially invite you to join us at KSN 2021. Come share your valuable expertise with us, and enjoy the programs prepared for you at KSN 2021.

Sincerely yours,

Chul Woo Yang, M.D.
President, Korean Society of Nephrology

Won Kim, M.D.
Congress President, Korean Society of Nephrology


Title The 41st Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Nephrology
Date September 2 (Thu) - 5 (Sun), 2021
Hosted by The Korean Society of Nephrology, Korean Nephrology Research Foundation
Official Language English, Korean
Program Opening Ceremony, Plenary Sessions, Invited Lecture Sessions, Oral & Poster Sessions, Exhibition
Secretariat 4Fl. 10, Yeoksam-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, 06244, Korea
Tel : +82-2-6207-8171 Fax : +82-2-521-8683
E-mail :
Congress President Won Kim, M.D. Congress Vice-President Joo Hoon Lee, M.D.
Yoon Chul Jung, M.D.
Auditor Seung Jung Kim, M.D. President Chul Woo Yang, M.D.
President-elect Chun Soo Lim, M.D.
Secretary General Bum Soon Choi, M.D. Vice-Secretary General Gang Jee Ko, M.D.
Byung Ha Chung, M.D.
Jang-Hee Cho, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Kidney Research and Clinical Practice Tae-Hyun Yoo, M.D. Director, the Scientific Programs Sang Ho Lee, M.D.
Director, the External Affairs and Cooperation Beom Seok Kim, M.D.
Sung Gyun Kim, M.D.
Director, the Collaborative Studies Sang Heon Song, M.D.
Director, the Clinical Practice Guidelines Kook-Hwan Oh, M.D. Director, the Training and Education Seung Yeup Han, M.D.
Se joong Kim, M.D.
Director, the KORDS Yong Kyun Kim, M.D.
Jong Ha Park, M.D.
Director, the Insurance and Legal Affairs Seok Joon Shin, M.D.
Hyung Jong Kim, M.D.
Seong Nam Kim, M.D.
Treasurer Dong Ki Kim, M.D. Director, the Ethical Issues Byung-Chul Shin, M.D.
Sung Hyun Son, M.D.
Director, the Public Relation Eun Hui Bae, M.D. Director, the Dialysis Quality Assurance Young-Ki Lee, M.D.
Ki Ryang Na, M.D.
Jung Geon Lee, M.D.
Director, at Large Kyung Pyo Kang, M.D.
Hye Ryoun Jang, M.D.
Won Min Hwang, M.D.
Myung-Gyu Kim, M.D.
Hyo Sang Kim, M.D.
Director, the Planning Chan-Duck Kim, M.D.
Acute Kidney Injury Won Kim, M.D. Diabetes and Obesity Sang Youb Han, M.D.
Dialysis (HD) Young-Il Jo, M.D. Dialysis (PD) Yong Lim Kim, M.D.
Glomerular and Tubulointerstitial Disorders Ho Jun Jin, M.D. Pediatric Nephrology Tae Seon Ha, M.D.
Fluid and Electrolyte Gheun Ho Kim, M.D. Hypertension and Vascular Biology Su Wan Kim, M.D.
Transplantation Jong Soo Lee, M.D. CKD Deog Hui Kang, M.D.
Pathology Beom Jin Lim, M.D. Basic research Tae Hwan Kwon, M.D.
Genetic Disease Yeong Ju Kwon, M.D. Geriatric Nephrology Soon Ho Kwon, M.D.
Big Data Tae Ik Chang, M.D.